live_help FAQ

You can find answers to common questions. In case you cannot find the desired information, feel free to contact our live support chat.

  • checkIs Bunnyradar free to use ?
    Yes! Bunnyradar is free to use for anyone. There are extras, features and a VIP account that can be enabled for coins. Coins need to be bought with real money. For users without coins there are a few daily usage limits, eg. messaging or date manager.
  • checkHow about Rules, what is prohibited?
    It is strictly forbidden to exchange contact details, such as phonenumber or email address. It is furthermore not allowed exchange the address. Privacy is our main concern. For arranging a paid meeting or an escort clients and bunnies can use our date manager.
  • checkDo i need a credit card ?
    No. As of now we do not offer credit card payments. Bunnyradar or support staff will never ask you for any creditcard information.
  • checkIs Bunnyradar working with Geolocation turned off ?
    If you are using our plattform on a desktop or laptop computer, or your gps location service is turned off on your mobile, we will suggest your current location, alternatively you may enter your location in order to perform searches.
  • checkHow can i buy coins ?
    You can use our micro mobile payment system to buy coins. You can use prepaid phones or postpaid phones with contract. The amount will be withdrawn in your actual currency and coverted to coins.
  • checkHow do payouts work ?
    As of now payouts are handled by our support staff. You can contact our support live chat for payouts. You may be asked to send a copy of your passport for identification.
  • checkHow can i earn money as affiliate partner ?
    We will provide an affiliate partner link. Within your affiliate dashboard you are able to see all registered users linked to your affiliate ID. Money spent on will be shared monthly with our partners. For payouts contact our support.
  • checkHow can i earn money as bunny ?
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  • checkAs a man which services do i need to pay ?
    As mentioned previously Bunnyradar is absolutely free to use. You may use the entire plattform without any restrictions. In order to improve the fun factor there are several upgrades available for purchase. Messenger and use of date manager are free to use, as long there is no reply from the other side.